Carson zOrb USB Digital Computer Microscope with 53x Magnification


Carson zOrb USB Digital Computer Microscope with 53x Magnification Review (Based on 21 inch Monitor)

For its price, the Carson zOrb USB Digital Computer Microscope with 53x Magnification does wonders.  This product has an integrated camera that lets images be shown on a computer monitor. It can magnify up to 53x from a 21-inch monitor and sports internal LED lighting that results to detailed, crisp images. Its power source does not require an extra adapter since it is powered via USB. Moreover, this digital microscope can be used in business applications such as the ones in the printing industry. The digital camera has 640 x 480 resolution that allows for close-focus video capturing. Also supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9 and MAC OS x 10.4.9 and above, this digital microscope is fun to use and easy to set-up.



The Carson zOrb USB Digital Computer Microscope is compact with the dimensions of 1.9 x 2.9 inches and 5 weighs at 3.6 oz. it has a unique body that has an interesting oval shape and has a 640 x 480 resolution built-in camera. This egg-shaped microscope hooks up to your computer and allows you to capture microscopic images and videos. As stated earlier, it works on Windows and Mac OS and is powered by simply plugging the USB cable to any USB port.

Commonly known as the Zorb, this digital microscope has four built-in LEDs that illuminate the object clearly. Moreover, it has a focus knob located on top of the body for easy focusing on specimens. The knob also has the shutter button at the center that allows the user to store the image on the computer with just a quick press.

When it comes to magnifying the size of the specimen, the range also increases as the size of the monitor gets larger. With a 21-inch monitor, it can reach up to an increase of 53x the size of the object or specimen. This microscope has the capability to give detailed objects that cannot be seen through the naked eye such as fabrics, texture and hair. It also has a sturdy body that makes it strong enough to withstand even rough surfaces and finishes. When connecting to computers, the user just needs to go to the Carson website to download the latest software it is compatible with. However, it is not compatible with tablets.



The Carson zOrb USB Digital Computer Microscope with 53x Magnification based on a 21-inch monitor is portable and compact. It also is cost-effective, given its capabilities and features as compared to its price. It also comes with an adjustable manual focus ring on top that does away with the need to look through the microscope just like the traditional microscopes students use in school. Moreover, it can magnify up to 53x depending on the size of the monitor.



The zOrb compatibility with Mac is limited since it only operates using the Mac app Photo Booth. As for zooming in on objects, it is not that impressive.


Final Thoughts

The Carson zOrb USB Digital Computer Microscope with 53x Magnification is easy to use and great for personal use. Its compact body and portability are two interesting features users will appreciate. This product is useful to students as well as collectors and to some extent, professionals,



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