BEST Digital USB Microscope


BEST Digital USB Microscope – 2.0MP, Advanced CMOS Sensor, 200x Zoom
Video, 1600 x 1200 HD Still Imaging, 8 LED


The BEST Digital USB Microscope is designed to be used by professionals, students, researchers and collectors. This product from OPTI-TEKSCOPE is durable, versatile and lightweight. Its design and features make it useful in several applications, such as, studying insects, magnifying coins, texts and stamps, soldering jewelry and repairing circuit boards, among others. This microscope is capable of capturing still photos and recording videos. Additionally, it has eight LED lights to provide suitable lighting conditions.  On top of these amazing features, the BEST Digital USB Microscope is cost-effective.



The best digital USB Microscope is professionally designed with an elegant aluminum body that is both lightweight and durable to withstand use and rough surfaces. The stand is designed with a textured surface for easy grip and handling. The base gives support when transporting as well as provides stability during use.

Also, the best digital USB Microscope boasts of an 8-LED illumination system that is also adjustable to accommodate the environment. Brightness can be dimmed or increased depending on the preference of user and the lighting condition. This microscope also sports an advanced CMOS sensor that is capable of 1600 x 1200 resolution that also gives high resolution still photos and video. This is on top of its magnification range of up to 200x.

This digital microscope is also capable of creating video footages as the user is examining the specimen as well as capture live AVI video and take still photos via the USB cable connected to the microscope and the external monitor or computer screen. Recording is done in BMP format and the package comes with software and instruction disc. As for compatibility with computer operating systems, the software driver supports different Windows OS versions like Windows 7, Windows 8 and even older versions like Windows XP and Vista. Conversely, for Mac users, it can be opened using the Photo Booth app.

Its weight makes it more portable and easy to manipulate. Also, since it is lightweight, it is easy to transport and store when not in use.



One of the most significant features of the best digital USB Microscope is its sturdy aluminum body that is not only elegant and classy but is also stable. Its capability to magnify specimens up to 200x makes it perfect for studying insects, inspecting coins and stamps as well as observing other specimens. The high resolution of 1600 x 1200 also is a remarkable feature that results to clear and detailed images. Moreover, users can study the specimen as well as record it simultaneously because of its built-in 2.0MP digital camera. This product works great as a toy and a tool for personal and industrial applications.



Although this digital microscope delivers when it comes to its purpose and is fun to use, there are some issues when it comes to focusing. It is not quite the same across the full area view and the lighting does not illuminate quite well on the object.  Also, the focus knob can have lot of play and it can be challenging to focus right away.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the OPTI-TEKSCOPE is a good buy despite a few issues on focus and stability. It gives clear images and videos that make the microscope interesting to use while the aluminum body adds to the appeal of the product.

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