AmScope SE400-Z Professional Binocular Stereo Microscope, WF10x and WF20x Eyepieces, 10X and 20X Magnification


AmScope SE400-Z Professional Binocular Stereo Microscope, WF10x and WF20x Eyepieces, 10X and 20X Magnification Review


This microscope offers 10x to 20x zoom and comes with a boom-arm with goose-neck LED light capable of showing clear, sharp images. It can be used in many applications that include circuit board repairing, soldering and dental application. Ideal users for this instrument include dentists, gemologists, collectors and those in the semiconductor or electronic industry.




The AmScope SE-400-Z comes with a binocular head, wide-field eyepieces, a boom-arm stand and a goose-neck LED light. The boom-arm features a long working distance which allows users to manipulate large items such as circuit boards and dental appliances.


Observation is made easy through the 45-degree inclined eye tubes and rubber eye guards.


The microscope head can be turned around the X and Z axis through the boom-arm stand. The binocular viewing head comes with interchangeable pairs of 10x and 20x widefield eyepieces, adjustable interpupillary distance and a fixed 30-degree vertical inclination which helps reduce eye and neck strain.


Aside from offering a high resolution, the microscope also provides a wide field of view and a 9” working distance.


With the flexible goose-neck light, users can see the surface details and fine structures of objects so much better. Users can also direct light wherever needed thanks to the adjustable nature of the goose-neck LED light.


The 1x objective feature provides low magnification and longer focal length which helps with inspecting large-scale specimens.




The AmScope SE400-Z is a steal at less than $500. Its 10x zoom is sufficient to see the details of objects being inspected or observed, and the 20x really works well when observing or performing work on parts that are very small. The 1x objective feature and standard eyepiece allows users to see the objects they are working with more clearly. The 9” working distance leaves enough room to do other things like making room for a soldering gun. The large working distance is one of the microscope's outstanding features which allows users to observe large objects like rocks.




Some may find the features too minimal for a boom-mounted binocular microscope, especially if they have worked with more sophisticated instruments. The narrow field of view might be too narrow for some, again, particularly if they have worked with high-end devices.


Final Thoughts


The AmScope SE400-Z is an ideal microscope when considering price and sufficient enough capabilities. The microscope costs less than $500 and provides just enough features to satisfy hobbyists. Some of the features are good enough for professionals but they might find the capabilities of the rest of the instrument a bit lacking. Some would classify the capabilities of the SE400-Z as basic and as such, it makes a good investment for those who are just starting out with their hobbies, be it electronic work or rock collecting.


The bottom line is this: users who need a relatively cost-effective instrument for observation and electronic work will find the SE400-Z a capable device. Also, the SE400-Z doesn't feel cheap given it's low price and it provides really good image quality on top of that. There are better microscopes in the market but if cost is a consideration along with basic features, the SE400-Z covers those concerns.

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